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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Project A-Kon 22: Part 1

(Link to the A-Kon 22 Site)

Ah yes A-Kon.  One of the longest running cons in the world.  Its the largest in the south, and one of the biggest in the country I would assume (and we all know what assuming does!).  It is held in Dallas Texas, and as the banner above says, it is happening on June 10-12 of next year. 
"Next year?!" You ask with shock and alarm.  "But that is so far away!"  It is indeed very far away (7 months or so) but here is a little known fact about me, I really love to plan trips.  This is the biggest, and farthest away, con that I will have ever been to.  So I figure that of all the trips I have planned in the past (not many), THIS one deserves a bit of attention.

So in the coming months leading up to this epic trip of epicness I am going to start a new segment in this blog called "Project A-Kon 22".  In these posts I will let you in on what I am doing to get prepared, where I am at on the saving aspect of the trip, announcements about the con, and anything else I find relevant to the con going process.

I hope you enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. Impressive they are using the characters from Cowboy Bebob. A great show that is in anime history for sure.

    Will have to wait until next year for the conventions here. Need to save up my cash.